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Tips For Bow Hunting Turkey


Turkey hunting can be difficult enough. Add a bow into the mix and the sport can become downright impossible to excel at. This is the reason why so many skilled sportsman and women actually prefer bow hunting turkey. When a hunt is successful, the rewards tend to be even sweeter.

While there is no way to guarantee bow hunting turkey trips will turn out with a bagged gobbler, there are things hunters can do to increase their chances. Let's examine some of the top bow hunting turkey tips.

• Select positioning carefully. Bow hunting turkey is not at all like using a shotgun. This weapon will need to be pulled. Unfortunately, doing so can often give a hunter's position away. With this in mind, it's very wise for those who want to go bow hunting turkey to choose their cover well. A spot that offers some concealment during the pull can be very helpful. Large trees that enable full coverage from behind can be ideal. Some portable, commercial blinds also work wonders, as well.
• Reset the bow. While it's not the most macho of things to do, adjusting the pull weight on a bow can be very helpful. This bow hunting turkey trick enables a hunter to pull and wait for a duration of time. This can very much help increase the chances of getting a bird into the sights. The idea here is to pull and wait for a gobbler to come into range. Pull while cover can be used and hold.
• Select arrows wisely. Arrows themselves can give hunters away. Make sure the shafts are as well camouflaged as the hunter himself or herself. Take care to avoid using red, white and blue colors on the shafts or veins. It is never a good idea to choose arrows that bear the colors of a gobbler. Other hunters might catch sight of a single arrow and mistake it for a bird. Woods or field colored camouflage is the best idea to help ensure a gobbler also doesn’t spot the arrow as it's being notched. Lightweight arrows are also generally a good idea. It doesn't take a hard hit to take a gobbler down. It takes a fast and accurate one.
• Use camouflage to one's advantage. Try to make sure clothing and gear help add to the camouflage effect. Position alone might not be enough to hide from a gobbler's keen eyesight.

Bow hunting turkey might be one of the most challenging ways to go after this already challenging quarry. Using equipment and gear to one's advantage can help give an edge. This can mean the difference between a bagged gobbler and going home empty handed.

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