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´╗┐The Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act


When planning to hunt migratory birds like ducks and geese, there is a specific stamp that you must carry with you at all times. This stamp is called the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp. This stamp has been required of all hunters of migratory birds ever since the migratory bird hunting stamp act that was first passed it 1934. Although it's required of all bird hunters, it is a great help to wildlife. There is no reason why someone wouldn't want to get the bird hunting stamp.

Because of the migratory bird hunting stamp act, the hunters are required to buy the stamp each year and keep it with them when they hunt. Don't worry about prices though. The price of the stamp is less than ten dollars. This is very worth it if it means that you can hunt migratory birds for one whole year. The best part of the migratory bird hunting stamp act is that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the purchase of the stamp goes to wildlife conservation. That is always where the money goes. The government doesn't have the right to use the money for other purposes. Most hunters, although they hunt wildlife, have a connection to the outdoors. They want the wildlife to be conserved. This added bonus makes the purchasing of the stamp seem like a must.

With the migratory bird hunting stamp act firmly in place, it is illegal to forge the stamp. It is especially heinous to do this because of the low price and where the money actually goes. In the hunting community, many see the stamp as a way to give back to the wildlife that they hunt. In a way, hunters are helping the environment.

Not all hunters are affected by the migratory bird hunting stamp act. If you stick to hunting animals like deer or bears, then you don't need to buy the stamp. The stamp is only for people who hunt migratory birds. If you are unsure whether the bird you plan to hunt is migratory, you can find out this information on the internet. You can also find out at the local wildlife agency in your state. They will have a list of the local birds that are migratory. If you aren't sure whether or not you're going to hunt those birds, it's a good idea to buy the stamp anyway, just in case. The migratory bird hunting stamp act not only helps hunters, but the wildlife of the United States as well. Pick up a stamp the next time you plan on hunting some migratory birds.

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